Kingdom Christ Lectures

The pathway to a greater purpose

Founded by Carla Araujo, offer a transformative experience designed to guide individuals through the challenging facets of life and business with faith as their cornerstone. Carla, envisioning a pathway to greater life purpose, established these lectures to assist individuals navigating through the intricacies and challenges of building a business and making life’s tough decisions. The lectures act as a sanctuary and guide during times of transition and uncertainty, helping to fortify one’s convictions and providing the necessary shield against external doubts and opinions. Each lecture is a stepping stone towards understanding that challenges are not signs of failure but precursors to greatness, underscoring the importance of safeguarding one’s inner convictions and moral compass. Through the Kingdom Christ Lectures, participants gain not only insight but the strength and consistency needed to move through life’s transitions, always aligned with faith and a clear vision of their purpose and goals.

Lead by Coach

Lead by Coach

Carla Araujo

My journey began with teaching and guiding clients towards their fitness goals, and in 2013, I launched my inaugural workout journal. Since then, the program has expanded and evolved, positively impacting thousands through various fitness challenges and the Do The Work App. Throughout this process, I've witnessed the transformative power of physically challenging your body; it doesn't just break down mental and emotional barriers but also fosters significant breakthroughs in my clients’ lives—be it in marriage, business, or their overall sense of purpose.

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